If you’re switching to a new model or moving to a new house, you might need to learn the tips for moving a refrigerator up and down stairs, to the next room, or to the new house. 

Moving hefty items like your refrigerator makes shifting more difficult. It’s crucial to know how to move a refrigerator properly, especially if you’re traveling a long distance. This blog by Melbourne Movers Packers will make you walk through the tips for moving a refrigerator safely and effectively.

10 Efficient Tips For Moving Fridge (Refrigerator)

A refrigerator is a heavy item to move, especially if you don’t have the correct moving equipment and tools or know how to use them in relocating a fridge. So, here are some tips for moving a refrigerator safely brought to you by our fridge movers in Melbourne, including how to set up the appliance and transport it securely; we’ve outlined a simple procedure!

1. Disconnect The Fridge A Night Before Moving 

A refrigerator’s evaporator must have adequate time to defrost before being transported; otherwise, you run the risk of causing damage to it. You must prepare your refrigerator for moving by turning it off the night before, allowing the oils and liquids to settle and preventing them from flowing through the compressor. To ensure a smooth transition without any leaks, spills, or damage, remember to disconnect the water line from the automatic ice maker and clear out all the ice from the compartment.

2. Measure The Refrigerator 

The unit’s size is important when deciding how to move a refrigerator. It might be annoying to find out on the final day that the fridge is too big for the doors. Your measuring tape will be useful in this situation. Follow these refrigerator shifting tips for quick actions: 

  • The unit’s height and breadth should be measured.
  • Do the same for each home’s entrances and hallways.
  • Draw a path and mark any potential hazards like stairs, corners, and curbs.
  • Remove any obstacles that prevent the fridge from working.

It will also help you determine the appropriate truck size for fridge relocation.

3. Protect The Floors And Walls

One of the important tips for moving fridge is to protect the floor and wall from getting damaged. When moving a refrigerator away from the wall, safeguard your flooring by employing floor protection. You have the choice of using additional laminate flooring panels or felt furniture sliding pads. Whichever method you opt for, tilt the refrigerator slightly away from you to allow placement of the protective material beneath the front left and right casters. Once the floor protection is in place, proceed to move the refrigerator away from the wall and toward your desired direction with caution.

4. Remove All Detachable Components

Numerous detachable components of the refrigerator cause it to shake or shift its weight when moved. These consist of the ice maker and dispenser, the ice cube trays, the separators, the shelves, the drawers, and the organizers. Any loose parts should be taken out and wrapped in protective materials. To make reassembly of the refrigerator easier, label them as you go. In addition, you can also click photographs to make the refrigerator unpacking easy.

If your refrigerator’s water filter is connected to its rear, detach it and store it separately. After completing the relocation, consider replacing any activated charcoal filters with fresh ones if needed. Depending on the refrigerator’s design, certain shelves and drawers may remain in their original positions. If these components are sturdy enough, you can use tape to secure them. This will make the fridge moving process easier and reduce the weight of the movers.

5. Wrap The Refrigerator 

A refrigerator requires a hefty investment. Tips for moving a refrigerator include that you should spend money on high-quality packing supplies that will shield it from scratches and bumps as well as harm to its interior workings. You must cover your refrigerator with two layers of protection. Using expert packing wrap to provide the initial layer of protection is the first step. Afterward, you should wrap the fridge with moving blankets and tape the blankets for security. Don’t allow packaging tape to come into direct contact with the surface of the refrigerator, as this might cause a permanent mark.

6. Use A Moving Dolly Or Hand Truck

The next step for refrigerator shifting tips is to find out how to move a refrigerator once you have thoroughly covered all of its surfaces. This is one of the most important tips for moving a refrigerator to make your process easy and smooth. So slip a moving trolley underneath the refrigerator and secure it to the trolley with a strap. For this phase, you’ll need two individuals since one of you will need to rock the trolley back while the other moves the refrigerator forward. 

When loading a refrigerator onto a moving truck, the person pushing the trolley must always move backward while the person in front supports the fridge and keeps it from tipping forward. 

7. Load The Fridge Into The Truck 

The ramp on moving vehicles often makes it easier to load and unload heavy belongings. If there isn’t a ramp, it takes more cooperation and work to put the appliance into the truck.

When loading the refrigerator, two individuals should remain on the ground to lift the fridge while at least one person climbs onto the truck. The team must coordinate their efforts, lifting the appliance simultaneously, with the person at the top holding onto the dolly’s handles. 

Moving the refrigerator to its desired location should be relatively straightforward until it reaches the truck bed. An important tip for moving a fridge is to use additional straps to securely fasten both the fridge and the dolly to the truck’s body, ensuring it remains upright throughout the journey.


A relocation may be made simpler with the correct equipment, strategies, and preparation. You can move your heavy appliances to any new area with ease by following these refrigerator shifting tips provided in this article without risking harm or causing damage to them. 

If you need professional assistance in relocating your refrigerator, you can consider seeking help from a reputable moving business, “Melbourne Movers Packers.” Our Best Fridge Removalists Melbourne staff is all educated and trained in safe lifting and handling methods and is furnished with all the necessary tools and materials to make your task simpler at the most reasonable prices. So, just give us a call at 1800 865 005 or drop a mail at info@melbournemoverspackers.com.au.

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