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Are you trying to lift your bathtub itself and not taking the help of anyone? If so, then drop the idea of executing such a dangerous and painful job right now and book MMP's professional spa removalists Melbourne.

We provide the best and cheapest moving and packing services for bathtub and spa removals in Melbourne. Our expert spa removalists Melbourne team will come on-site, and with the help of specialist equipment, your spa will be moved without any damage or accidents. We assist you in selecting the best-suited package to suit your unique requirements and budget for your spa or hot tub relocation in Melbourne.

We have an experience of 10 years and an impeccable track record of moving 1000+ bathtubs, spas, and hot tubs without any damage. From the first phone call to our timely arrival, we will help you arrange your goods for removal, moving, storage, and upright packing. So do not wait a minute and save yourself with the aid of professional bathtub removalists and make your bathtub removal as hassle-free as possible.

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Why Choose Our Spa Removals In Melbourne?

There are a few reasons why you may need to hire our spa removal Melbourne service. One reason is that you simply don't have the time or manpower to tackle the job yourself.

Bathtub removal can be a dangerous task if not done properly, so it's essential to choose experts like Melbourne Movers Packers. We hold 10 years of experience and are certified with the Moving Association of Melbourne, Australia. Additionally, hiring us will ensure that your bathtub removal goes smoothly and that it is done in a safe manner.

Besides, here are a few more reasons that will help you choose our spa removal Melbourne team:

1. Experienced And Reliable Bathtub Removalists

Our team of spa removal Melbourne has years of experience in transport and removal services, so they know how to take care of your heavy but valuable bathtub when they're on the move. In order to reduce the risk of accidents, we make sure our bathtub movers know about the safety protocols and follow them appropriately. Our reliable bathtub movers in Melbourne are well-known for providing high-quality services, hand-delivered without any damage or scratches.

2. Have Modern Tools And Equipment For Spa Removal

Our spa removal Melbourne team understands the value of the right tool and equipment to safely move such a huge item. Our spa removalists Melbourne team knows how to use high-quality equipment and modern as well as developed tools to carry out the hot tub relocation process effortlessly. This facility of ours also reduces a significant amount of risk of damage and destruction of your hot tub or any of your belongings during the relocation process.

3. 24/7 Customer Care Support

Melbourne Movers Packers always work for the benefit of the clients. Our team of bathtub removalists in Melbourne never does a poor job or gives lame excuses, we believe in complete customer satisfaction through our 24×7 customer support for spa moving services. Our managing team is always available on every portal, so no matter which way you try to reach us, our team will give you a timely response.

If in case there is a delay in the response from our side, our spa removalists Melbourne team will contact you within 24 hours. You can reach out to us through any way like website, email, or toll-free number. Contact us anytime at 1800 865 005 to get the most tension-free spa relocation experience of your life.

4. Cheap Bathtub And Spa Relocation Service Cost

Our spa relocation services are the most chosen one because of their cheap moving cost. We understand people have specific budgets, therefore all of our services are very much on budget and pocket-friendly.

You may have seen many companies adding hidden costs and charges during the final quote, and this creates discomfort in a client's mind while paying for these. But, this is just not the case with us; we have this policy of not including any unnecessary additional charges and hidden costs in our spa removals in Melbourne.

We perform a quick pre-move survey before the bathtub removals, and then we offer a cheap quote that completely suits your budget. Our bathtub movers in Melbourne do not ask for any single extra amount, even for the packaging supplies and equipment during the relocation.

How Do Our Bathtub Removalists In Melbourne Help You?

Our bathtub removalists Melbourne aim to help people make their transition as smooth as possible. Our 24/7 customer care means you don't have to worry about having an issue during your spa removals in Melbourne! We will consult with you about your specific needs and requirements related to your spa removals in Melbourne. We always make sure that we are working with the best possible solution for your spa removals.

Apart, here are some of the things you can expect from our bathtub removalists in Melbourne:

1. Preparation Of The Bathtub Move:

Our dedicated staff of Spa Removal Melbourne will go through all the necessary safety measures before beginning the actual removal. This includes ensuring that all tools, packing supplies, loading equipment, and moving vehicles have been arranged as per the requirements of the client.

2. Removal Of The Bathtub:

Once everything is in place and ready, our bathtub movers start to work. Removing the bathtub depends on the size of it, It usually takes up to two hours. Our team will make sure to update you in each step.

3. Cleanup & After Removal Checking:

Once the bathtub has been removed, our expert bathtub removalists will ensure to clean up any mess that may have been made. During the post-removal inspection, We make sure all of your plumbing fixtures, and the rest of your bathroom are working in order.

What Do Our Bathtub And Spa Removals In Melbourne Include?

If you are looking forward to changing your bathtub, but are worried about its removal. Here we come in you always deserve a change don’t let removal change your mind. Spa Removalists Melbourne is here to take up your difficult task and make it the most soothing experience for you.

Uncovering what our spa removal service includes:

1. Bathtub Packaging Service

With our bathtub removalists in Melbourne, you can make your spa removals easy. Our bathtub movers have excellent skills in packing hot tubs and spas using bubble sheets, hard papers, adhesive tapes, and many more. It doesn't matter what size or what sort of shape your bathtubs are in; we've got the right equipment and packing supplies to pack and handle them carefully.

2. Bathtub Lifting And Loading Services

If you are moving, commercial or residential, and need your bathtub removed, our spa removalists Melbourne can help take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Our bathtub lifting and loading service ensures that your spa tub will be moved out in no time and there is no damage to the property.

3. Safe Transportation Service

We take safety seriously. That's why we always use the safest transportation methods possible when removing and moving hot tubs. We have different-sized tail lift trucks and vans that can be used to move and transport the bathtub effortlessly. No matter what size of bathtub you have, we ensure that your bathtub will be transported safely and without any damage.

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Steps Followed During Spa Removals In Melbourne

Upon receiving your call, our team of expert bathtub removalists in Melbourne will conduct an assessment of your situation in order to determine the best course of action. We determine factors like drainage issues and bathtub size.

We follow the following steps to relocate the bathtub or spa.

  • Once we have a clear understanding of your spa tub removal needs, we will begin preparing for the job ahead. This includes marking out the area where the tub will be removed, securing any furniture or objects that may be in the way, and preparing the surface where the bathtub will be removed from.
  • After taking all the measurements, our bathtub movers in Melbourne will dismantle all the hardware parts and pack them accordingly.
  • Next, we lift and load the bathtub or spa tub onto the truck with the help of special moving tools like furniture dollies, trollies, and loaders. We securely load the tub make extra cushioning around it and transport it safely to the new location.
  • At last, we reinstall your bathtub, remodel your bathroom, and make it ready to use.

With careful preparation and coordination from our team of bathtub and spa relocation in Melbourne, your valuable bathtub will be removed without incident throughout this process.

Note : The time of spa removal/ bathtub removal will vary based on many factors such as the age of the tub, poor condition of the tub, and rest depending on the tub.

Cost Determining Factors Of Our Spa Removal Service In Melbourne

There are a few key factors that will affect the price of bathtub removal services in Melbourne. Analyzing what those factors are will help you get an idea of how you can increase or decrease your total moving budget.

These factors include:

  • The first is the size and weight of the tub. The bigger and heavier the tub, the more will be the cost for its removal.
  • The second factor is the material the tub is made of. Tubs made of cast iron or other heavy material will be more expensive to remove as weight requires more labor and more equipment whereas lighter-weight tubs of acrylic or fiberglass will cost less. But need not worry we have transparent prices for you, that involve no hidden charges.
  • The third factor is the placement of the tub. If the tub is located upstairs in a tight corner, or in a difficult-to-reach spot, it will cost you a bit extra.
  • Finally, the type of removal service you choose will also affect the price. If you need the tub removed quickly or if you have special requirements such as disposal or storage, this will add to the cost.

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FAQs On Spa Removalists Melbourne

Ans. Melbourne Movers Packers are the most professional, trustworthy, and cost-effective bathtub movers in Melbourne. We provide our customers with a healthy choice of spa removal services on how they can relocate their spa or bathtub at an affordable cost. We can even help you with all of your removal needs, from small tubs to large ones. So let us help you get your spa out of your home quickly and easily.

Ans. There are many tools and techniques that can be used to remove a spa. Some of the most common tools include using a plunger, using a bucket and spade, and using a vacuum cleaner. We opt for the method that is based on the type of spa tub.

Ans. We have a damage coverage policy if the bathtub gets broken while loading or moving. The policy provides some amount of money as per occurrence for accidental damage to your bathtub. If you have any questions about our damage coverage policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1800 865 005.

Ans. If you have a spa that uses a removable power cord, there is usually no need to do anything before the technician arrives. However, if your spa has a permanently attached power cord, you may need to disconnect the cord before the technician arrives. In either case, it is important to clearly mark the spot where the cord was connected so that it does not get mixed up with any other debris during the removal process.

What Our Valuable Customers Say About Our Spa Relocation Services?

Best bathtub removalists in Melbourne. I was delighted with their devotion to providing excellent bathtub removals service. They arrived at 9 am and finished relocating our bathtub in record time, from Perth to Melbourne. The team was polite and welcoming, and I would use them in the future for moving. I'm delighted! Thanks, Melbourne Movers Packers.

- Peter

Excellent spa removals service by Melbourne Movers Packers. I'm overjoyed with their assistance. The team of spa removals that arrived to do the relocation was rapid but cautious, and their manager, who handled the original quote and interaction, was polite, attentive, and professional. They offered assistance whenever requested and handled the spa relocation quickly. Additionally, they were less expensive than every other quote I had! Highly recommended.

- Sam

Outstanding bathtub removals service. MMP's bathtub removalists in Melbourne have provided outstanding bathtub removals service. They were accommodating and made our bathtub relocation stress-free. The bathtub in my new home was also kindly lifted and removed by the team. Extremely pleasant and professional at all times. I have utilized both their storage and moving services and would utilize this kind, helpful, and quality service whenever needed.

- Dean Michael

Reliable bathtub removalists in Melbourne. Bathtub removalists in Melbourne were reliable, professional, and supportive from the first meeting to the relocation, and the packing service was well worth the price. Everyone was professional, from the manager in the office to the bathtub removalists that came for bathtub removals. Our bathtub and other possessions were moved quickly and without damage. Overall, a fantastic service, I'd suggest Melbourne Movers Packers for a bathtub relocation.

- Kate

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