We are aware of how moving is a stressful and risky task. Packing your entire memories, making sure none of it gets broken down. Disassembling your beds, sofa, fridge, pool table, jacuzzi, and a lot more can lead you to major stress and anxiety.

We all know In this market of moving – removalists don’t show up on time, are slow at their work, always appear with hidden costs, have poor customer service, and do not work responsibly with your belongings. Trusting your belongings to these removalists leads you to more stress and anxiety.

So what can you do to make sure you book with the right one? How to reach out to the best one out there with credibility?

Over the past decade of moving to Melbourne, personally, we have seen a lot of opponent removal companies with dicey tactics – we have received a lot of last-minute calls from their customers to help them get their adverse situation under control. Most of these removal companies do not even care about your belongings, their safety, and the emotions attached to them. They lack credibility and do not even have the right choice of vehicles to carry your belongings leading them to be damaged.

Here Are Some Tips That Will Help You Make The Best Decision

1. Transparent Communication 

 At Melbourne Movers Packers we keep our communication and pricing transparent which leads to a successful move. You deserve to be communicated with transparency and with a discussion of all the prices that will be the cost of moving. This will help you prepare a budget and not lead to an extra expense.

Check yourself, if a company is offering dirt-cheap rates, whether are they paying their staff well, and whether their fleet is up to the date, put an eye on their insurance policy. If all these criteria are correct and fit in your answers, you can go for it. At Melbourne Team Removals we treat our employees with utmost respect and pay them what they deserve.

2. Damage Guarantee 

At Melbourne Movers Packers we guarantee you to deliver your belongings without any damage. We assure you full protection of your belongings. Using the updated packaging materials, going for labeling of the boxes to avoid any kind of damage.

3. Have enough staff 

Most of the removal companies are not staffed they work with only 2-3 movers, which is not enough for an efficient removal especially when you are moving a house, or big items such as pool tables, jacuzzi, etc. At Melbourne Movers Packers we have enough movers who are professionally trained for your every move.

4. Professional and Experienced movers 

Having a moving company is not enough it demands having up-to-date vehicles, professionally trained movers, the latest equipment, the best quality of packaging material- keeping in mind the environment, and 24×7 customer service available. When you go for a removalist company always check for these things.

5. Customer Testimonials 

Always read out the feedback, this allows you to make your mindset and checks how credible the company is. Feedback plays an important role in making a decision about choosing the right firm. The better the reviews, the more trustworthy is the company.

6. High-tech fleet vehicle 

Melbourne movers and packers take no risk with your belongings, we have the latest technology installed in our fleet that allows the moving to be smooth and without any damage. Other moving companies use tucks which are not even a right fit for moving the belongings leading to damage to your belongings.

7. All services in one company

When you plan to move your house or office you need a moving company that provides you with all the services in one. Not many companies have removal services which make your job more stressful. For Instance, if you want your house removals to be moved now you cannot book different movers to perform each task, it would make you triple what can be done by one firm at a normal price. At Melbourne Movers Packers we give you House Removals, Office Removals, Interstate Removals, and others in one.

8. Always read the Terms & Conditions 

Melbourne movers and packers have mentioned all their important listings and information that you require to answer all your dilemmas. Our customer care is available 24×7 for you, to answer your queries that still pop up your mind.

Your part in making your move stress-free

9. Be prepared

The more prepared you are, the more efficiently you will have your move. You can separate your belongings fragile on one side, bulky on another. This saves your time while movers are packing as the belongings are already sorted.

Clear your hallway and passage for the movers making tasks to complete with ease and without any damage. Your small doings can lead to the perfect move with no stress and the breaking of belongings.

If you know how to disassemble your belongings, this will be a great help to save your time and make the task much easier for the movers. Only do this if you are aware of the task, or else it can lead to a great loss.

For more moving information you can check our blogs section to make your moving a hassle-free process for both ends.

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