If you are preparing for house relocation in Melbourne, there are multiple aspects that you need to ensure. Planning ahead always makes you ready for relocation, even if there are small items that will be shifting. To help you in this task, here are the 7 tips for house relocation shared by none other than professionals.

So, go ahead and follow these tips to avoid any confusion during moving.

Expert’s Tips For House Relocation

1. Security Tips

During moving, there are chances of losing your valuable items such as house keys and documents. Hence, pack them in a handbag and carry the bag all the way from your location to the destination. 

You might also consider changing the house keys so that the new house remains protected from theft.

2. Measure The Space

When you reach your destination, the first task is to place the furniture and lighting. Hence, measure the interior spaces, furniture, and hallways before shifting so that you can quickly decide where you would want to place them.

3. Label Boxes

The easiest way to pack the carton boxes is by labeling them. 

For example, you can categorize the boxes by labeling them as books, glass items, kitchen essentials, containers, toiletries, and more. This will eliminate the chances of further confusion.

4. Update The New Home

One of the most important tasks during your house relocation in Melbourne is updating the new destination. Installation of smoke alarms and detectors, fire extinguishers, switch plates, outlet covers, and heating and cooling units are some of those useful tasks.

5. Clean The Property

To avoid any complaints from the old house owner, you need to clean the house deeply. Also, make sure that you thoroughly clean the new house before moving. You may choose to hire professional cleaners in Melbourne to save you from the extra work.

6. Transferrable Utilities

Besides updating the new pieces of equipment, test all your transferrable utilities such as gas oven, Foxtel, internet, and phone lines. Also, do not forget to take a picture of the utility meters and jot down the readings before your move.

7. Spray For Bugs

Once you have moved into a new property, there are chances of creepy critters. Therefore, keep sprays and repellents handy. It will keep your family out of danger as well as keep you stress-free after shifting.

Final Thoughts

Above are the 7 most essential tips for house relocation that you must follow to ensure an exciting and successful house move in Melbourne

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