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Piano Removalists Melbourne

Hire MMP's Professional Piano Removalists In Melbourne

Piano Removalists Melbourne

Moving a 1000-pound weight is not a piece of cake. The risk of damaging the piano is huge. This can even hurt your back or break some of your bones. Precautions, experience, and prudent planning are all required to complete piano removals. Therefore, always seek professional help from an expert piano moving company like Melbourne Movers Packers. Our piano removalists Melbourne save you from all these risk factors. Based in Melbourne, MMP is 24*7 available at your service for safe and hassle-free piano removal in Melbourne. Whether you want to move the piano locally or interstate, we can do all of it.

MMP professional piano removalists Melbourne are experts in this task, and our piano removal service cost is easy and reasonable in your pocket. Our piano removalists in Melbourne understand the process of removing a piano and have the required skills and tools to make it shift safely from one place to another.

MMP’s piano removalists team also understands that every client has a different moving requirement or has other size pianos to relocate. So, we have numerous flexible strategies for moving. Thus, we adjust the piano moving strategy as per your desires. If you are thinking of moving your piano to another room in your house or to another city, then you should find help from MMP's professional piano removalists Melbourne. For more inquiries, ring us anytime.

Why Choose Our Professional Piano Removalists Melbourne Team?

Our experienced cheap piano movers Melbourne shift the instrument with sincerity and care. Our supreme reputation is significant to them, and our piano removalists Melbourne team makes every effort to keep it. The best advantage of hiring a professional.

Besides, here are the following reasons to choose our piano movers for piano removals in Melbourne:

We are known for our damage-free piano moving service throughout Melbourne. As we discussed earlier, pianos are extremely heavy. Throughout the case, their weight is distributed equally. After all, you are hiring our piano removalists in Melbourne that is properly trained with the correct equipment and experience.

Our piano removalists Melbourne are well-trained and experienced in making a successful piano move, and they create a proper plan considering all the risk factors before moving and then wrap and load your loving piano for relocation. Till now, no accidents have happened during our moving tasks.

Our expert piano movers Melbourne team also avoids using tape to close the keyboard lid and runs for only premium quality packing supplies to safeguard the piano. We use up-to-the-minute equipment to move, pack, and lift your goods.

We aim to provide you with a hassle-free experience. We make sure to do everything during our service that will make your piano reach you without any damage. Our trained professional movers have all the experience and technology to get the job done right.

Melbourne Movers Packers offers excellent customer support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today and get a free estimate. No matter how big or small your piano move is, you will get the best service

What Are The Solutions Offered By Our Piano Movers Melbourne?

1. Piano Packaging Services

Our professional piano removalists in Melbourne use corrugated boxes, adhesive tape, corrugated boxes, bubble sheets, blankets, foam sheets, strapping machines, shrink wrap machines, and many other materials to pack the piano to protect it from unwanted damage. Our piano movers Melbourne team also disassemble its essential parts, like piano pedals and piano strings, and places them into corrugated boxes to protect valuables from road bumps.

2. Piano Loading Services

When you move, you will need a moving company like us because an indispensable thing is missing. Loading a piano is challenging because of its odd shape and heavy weight. If one of the keys, pedals, or screws goes here and there and breaks, it will cost you a lot. That's why we come up with a vehicle, load it carefully, and then the asset is smoothly moved. Our expert piano movers Melbourne team load, transport, and unload the piano and other belongings efficiently using different tools and equipment.

3. Piano Storage Services

If you are moving and your new home or other place does have enough space to keep your piano safe, this is the perfect time to hire our piano storage services in Melbourne. We have spacious rooms and security systems to keep large to small-size goods safe. Our well-protected storage unit doesn't allow dirt to sit on the sensitive instruments and keeps them sheltered from theft.

4. Piano Moving Insurance Facility

Our piano moving insurance is designed to cover accidental damage to pianos during the piano removal in Melbourne. While expert piano removalists in Melbourne have always been careful when moving the item, this insurance policy covers any accidental damage during or after the move. It is essential for families or business owners who have a very expensive piano.

How Do Our Piano Removalists In Melbourne Complete The Removal Process?

A piano is an essential household or commercial item. As time is evolving, many households are seen moving from homes to apartments and vice versa. In this moving process making your piano instrument is a nerve-wracking task, and it is not at all a one-man job. But our piano movers in Melbourne are experts and efficiently disassemble the piano parts, pack, load, unload, and then reassemble them at the destination. Our Piano Movers Melbourne team has their method of carrying out piano moving service, as well as their quotes for the same.

Here are the following steps that our piano removalists in Melbourne follow for damage-free piano removals:

1. Dismantle Of The Piano

To move the piano effortlessly, our piano movers in Melbourne know how to disassemble it. First, they take out the pedals, then take the cover off of the keys and the legs, and finally, take the top of the piano off. After that, our piano removal team took the legs off and took the rest of the pieces out.

2. Packing Of The Piano

Moving a piano can be hectic and simpler if you allow our piano removal specialists to pack your piano for safe relocation. After dismantling, our piano removalists in Melbourne wrap it in moving blankets and bubble wrap and then place it in a piano box.

3. Loading Of Piano

Have you ever wondered how we move pianos? There is a lot of equipment involved. Our pro piano removalists in Melbourne use a dolly, straps, a forklift, and a pallet jack. We strap the piano to the pallet jack and then lift it onto the forklift and then onto the truck. The piano trolley has wheels that are the same size as the pianos. Using this tool makes it easier to move the piano outside and onto the truck.

4. Reassembling Of The Piano

We assemble the piano parts. It is a great job for us. The piano is bulky and fragile at the same time as it is made up of different mechanical parts. Some parts of the piano are too big and some are too small, which can break if not removed properly. We send an expert piano moving team to your shop or residence to again fix all the parts of it and put it in working mode like before.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Piano Moving Services in Melbourne?

We believe in being transparent with our communication and with our price. The cost of our Piano service depends on the amount of work our movers have to do during the task. It depends upon the size of the piano, and the floor distance, the best part is we have very reasonable prices for you. All pianos are heavy. If you have an upright piano, its price will differ from the cost of moving a baby grand.

1. Workload:

Removing a piano is quite a difficult task to do alone or with friends. The piano is a big bulky fragile item that needs professional movers to move it. The cost of the moving piano from one place to another depends on the factor of how far the unloading place is. How much is the size of the piano and its weight? We charge fair without any hidden charges. With us, you will get quality service at the best price.

2. Required Number Of Workers:

Piano removal is a troublesome process for many people. Apart from the time and effort involved in the process, people are also limited by a budget.

3. Requirements For Tools:

The more removal tools and supplies you have, the less the job will cost. So, if you are looking to save money, don't take for granted any moving tool or supply needed for your relocation task. Why hire us to handle the task of removal when you could do the job yourself? We make your life easy, enabling you to save your money with the best service offered by our professional Piano Movers.

4. Moving Distance & Travel Time:

If the distance between your old and new residence is short, you don't have to pay much. But if the distance is long and it will take comparatively more time to reach the new location, you will have to pay slightly more.

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FAQs On Piano Removals Melbourne

Ans. We know that you need to move your piano as soon as possible, which is why we offer emergency piano removal services 7 days a week, so you can move your piano safely whenever you need to. It all depends on an array of aspects. For example, we need to know the exact location of your piano and the distance to the place where it will be shipped. We also need to know how many stairs lead to the entrance of your house. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should know that it is always better to book in advance, like one week before.

Ans. Well, we piano removalists in Melbourne do not hide any charges, but if you want to diminish the cost of removals, then simply do one thing: book your piano moving service on weekdays because weekends are busy. Organize a few things itself, like cleaning it, dismantling a few parts, whatever is in your capability or ability to do that. And after that, leave the rest of the work to our professionals.

Ans. Our piano removalists take great care of your possessions. They offer a pre-move survey service. And then come to your location to pack, load, shift, unload, and resettle. Different types of high-quality packing materials are used to pack the items, including bubble sheets, thermocol, packing or adhesive tape, and so on. In a nutshell, you don't need to do most of the things because you already have swift and competent helping hands. We make every effort to provide our valued customers with a satisfactory service.

Ans. No, we believe in being transparent with our customers, and hence we always include all the charges, including packing, loading, moving, and unloading, in a quotation. A proper quotation is offered to you with a detailed list of services so you can see and compare with other companies' service charges. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we never leave any stone unturned in making them happy. So forget about decisiveness and expect genuinity from our removals squad.

What Our Valuable Customers Say About Our Piano Removals Services?

Excellent customer service and safest piano removals in Melbourne. Melbourne Movers Packers customer support team was very competent and quick and offered me affordable piano removal quotes! On a moving day, piano movers were on time, pleasant, and professional as they got to work moving my piano downstairs for me. They did so with wonderful care. I highly recommend Melbourne Movers Packers for piano removals in Melbourne.

- Peter

Best piano removals services in Melbourne. Thanks to MMP's piano removalists for the help. From the moment we contacted you about moving our piano from Melbourne to Brisbane, you made it easy. From the onsite inspection to the actual move, there were no hassles. On time, on budget, and professional. Great work.

- Sam

I thank Melbourne Movers Packers for damage-free piano removals. Recently, I had an upright piano relocated by Melbourne Movers Packers, and the three piano movers who showed up were incredibly gentle, quick, and professional skills in placing my piano in its new location! I heartily endorse their offerings. Turned up right on schedule. Fantastic communication without fuss. I strongly advise Melbourne Movers Packers for reliable piano relocation in Melbourne.

- Dean Michael

Professional Piano Removalists in Melbourne. Our massive baby grand piano, four big music crates, and stool were successfully transported from Melbourne to Perth by the team of expert piano movers of Melbourne Movers Packers. The piano's legs were taken off, wrapped tightly, and then put back on at the new location. It was challenging, but we got everything out of the apartment without incident.

- Kate

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