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FAQs On Melbourne Movers Packers

House Removalists Services In Melbourne

Ans. Our house removalists in Melbourne move every type of household item which needs a little special and extra care. It includes:

  • Fragile items: lampshades, glasses, mirrors, artifacts, plates, etc.
  • Furniture: Sofas, bookcases, chairs, stools, mattresses, dressers, etc.
  • Electronic appliances: Washing machine, oven, coffee makers, light bulbs, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.
  • Plants and pets.

Ans. Our quality of service at a low price and dedication make us different from others. These elements are most important for any moving service. Our transparency towards the clients and our work makes us the most preferred house movers in Melbourne.

Ans. The time it takes to complete a move can vary depending on the size of your home and the distance to your new location. We can provide an estimated time frame based on these factors.

Ans. Our removalists wrap fragile items individually in bubble wrap, pack them in a sturdy box with packing peanuts or newspaper, and label the box as fragile to ensure extra care during the move.

Furniture Removalists Services In Melbourne

Q. What type of furniture do you move?

Ans. Our furniture removalists can move any type of furniture for you. Whether a big piano table, small drawer, or a huge conference table, we will safely transit everything to your desired location. Contact us to book our furniture moving services and get free quotes and discounts.

Q. When is the right time to connect with you to book a furniture move?

Ans. We are all time available on our customer support platforms. You can share your queries anytime, 24×7. Call us and get an affordable quote whenever you want for furniture removals in Melbourne.

Q. Can I move the furniture myself?

Ans. Moving furniture yourself can be challenging and risky, especially if you're not experienced with heavy lifting and transportation. Hiring professional furniture Removalists in Melbourne can ensure your furniture is moved safely and efficiently.

Q. What services do your furniture removalists in Melbourne offer?

Ans. Our Furniture removalists in Melbourne offer a wide range of services, including packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking furniture. They also provide storage solutions and furniture assembly and disassembly services.

FAQs On Office Removals Melbourne

Ans. To prepare for an office move, you should ensure that your office equipment, furniture, and files are properly packed, labeled, and organized. You should also notify your clients, vendors, and employees of your change of address.

Ans. If your equipment, furniture, or files are damaged during transport by our office removalist in Melbourne, you should contact us immediately to report the damage. We have insurance policies that cover damages during transport so that you may be eligible for compensation.

Ans. You can pack your office equipment and files yourself or opt for packing services from the removalist service. If you choose to pack yourself, make sure to use appropriate packing materials and label your items clearly. But if you opt for our packing services, you will not need to worry about anything, as our movers are experienced and will ensure that your items are packed securely and properly labeled.

Ans. The best time to move your office with a removalist service in Melbourne is typical during non-peak seasons, such as winter, as it may be easier to secure a booking and can also be more cost-effective. However, it is recommended to schedule your move at a time that is convenient for your business operations.

Interstate Removalists Services In Melbourne

Q. Can I leave some of my belongings behind and have them picked up later by the interstate removalist service?

Ans. Yes, you can. We offer storage facilities or the option to pick up remaining belongings at a later date. You can pick up your belonging anytime later when you require to.

Q. What should I do if there are delays or issues during my interstate move?

Ans. If there are delays or issues during your interstate move, our removalists will communicate with you and keep you updated on the situation. You just do not need to worry about anything; we will work to resolve any issues and keep you informed throughout the process.

Q. Can you offer me a pre-move survey solution?

Ans. Of course, yes! It depends on your needs. If you want us to come to your place and review the work that needs to be done, our representative will make a successful visit. You can ask any question or even convey your worries regarding the moving process. Our surveyor will not come unless you have some crucial points to be discussed, but yes, all your simple queries will be resolved over call or chat.

Q. Can I move large appliances during an interstate move?

Ans. Yes, large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines can be moved during an interstate move. We also offer disconnection and reconnection services for these appliances. Contact us now to schedule your move.

Piano Removalists Services In Melbourne

Ans. No, we believe in being transparent with our customers, and hence we always include all the charges, including packing, loading, moving, and unloading, in a quotation. A proper quotation is offered to you with a detailed list of services so you can see and compare with other companies' service charges. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we never leave any stone unturned in making them happy.

Ans. Well, If your piano cannot fit through the door, our piano removalists will disassemble it. They have the expertise and all the necessary equipment to maneuver the piano around tight corners or through narrow doorways.

Ans. Yes, our professional piano removalists can do this for you. Our team of piano removalists is well-trained and experienced; therefore, moving a piano through stairs is not a big deal for them.

Ans. Our professional piano removalist has the experience and equipment to move heavy pianos. However, if a piano is too heavy, our removalists may need to bring in additional equipment or personnel to safely move the piano.

Pool Table Removalists Services In Melbourne

Q. Do you charge extra for packing and moving a large pool table?

Ans. No, we don't charge extra for packing and moving large pool tables. We will provide you with an obligation-free quote based on the size and type of pool table you have as well as the distance to be traveled. Call us on 1800 865 005 and get a free quote.

Q. Do I need to do anything before you arrive to move my pool table?

Ans. It is advisable that you clear the area around your pool table so our pool table removalists have enough space to safely disassemble it. You should also remove any breakable items around the pool table, such as lamps or vases, in case they get knocked over during the move.

Q. Will you also pack the pool table before moving it?

Ans. Yes, our pool table movers and packers can pack the pool table for you if required. We will wrap all parts of the pool table in protective material and load it onto our truck to be transported to your new home or office. If you require any additional packing supplies, you can contact us for this too.

Q. Why do I need a pool table removalist service?

Ans. Pool tables are heavy and difficult to move, and attempting to move one yourself can be dangerous and could damage the table. A removalist service has the experience and equipment to move your pool table safely and without causing damage. Contact us now for a safe removals.

Man With Van Moving Services In Melbourne

Ans. We're glad you asked! Our Man With Van service in Melbourne is very economical for a number of reasons. First of all, we only charge for the time that our drivers are actually on the road; that is travel time. Secondly, we only charge one flat rate regardless of the number of items you need to move. This makes our man with van service much more affordable than hiring a traditional moving company. Finally, we offer discounts for customers who book our removal services online.

Ans. Our man with van movers can handle a variety of moves, from small local moves to larger moves across Melbourne or even interstate. They can also help you with single-item moves, such as delivering a piece of furniture.

Ans. The size of the van you need will depend on the number of belongings you have to move. A small van can usually handle a studio or one-bedroom apartment, while a larger van may be required for a larger home or office move.
Ans. No, it's not required with our team of removalists. Our movers are well-trained and experienced, and they can handle everything on their own. You just have to sit back and instruct them if you have any specific requirements.

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