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Furniture covers a whole house or office completely. When it comes to moving, furniture is one such part of the move, which makes the moving extremely difficult and exhausting. Here, at Melbourne Movers Packers, we have modern equipment backed by incredibly experienced furniture removalists Melbourne that can make your furniture removals smooth and damage-free.

So, this may be your first move, but definitely not ours. We have been serving reliable and cheap furniture removal services in Melbourne for quite a long time and have completed nearly 4500+ small to large-scale furniture moves.

Also, we are the most chosen furniture removal service in Melbourne, and our professional furniture movers will do all the necessary things at the venue, like arranging the items, packing them carefully, and putting them all with safety and care.

Hiring our furniture packing services in Melbourne will ensure that all your furniture (both office and household furniture) can be moved without any scratch and damage. All you have to do is just post all your requirements for moving furniture along with the details to contact you. We move furniture to the next suburbs, or city, interstate, and across the nation. So let Melbourne Movers Packers present you with a move that is an unforgettable and pleasant one.

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What Makes Us Different From Other Furniture Removalists In Melbourne?

Moving the entire furniture of a house or office is a big task. It can become a challenge because of its complexity and particular calculations of objects of different sizes and shapes. It is just not as simple for anyone to pack such big-sized furniture and get them loaded into a truck. Also, performing it on your own without taking any professional help or working with unskilled furniture removalists will lead to damage and injury.

However, with our professional furniture removalists services, you will not face such types of issues. We will make your furniture removals successful with the required equipment, resources, and fine expertise to disassemble, package, and move all your furniture.

Pros of having the service of our professional furniture removalists Melbourne:
  • Right from your side table to the conference tables, our highly experienced and trained furniture movers can move everything on your demand.
  • We always share a helpful hand that you can completely trust when it comes to moving your furniture and fine arts.
  • We will dismantle the furniture and pack it to transport it smoothly to your desired destination.
  • Each of your furniture items will be labeled by our team so that it will avoid creating confusion while unpacking it.
  • Our furniture removalists Melbourne assist in everything, including disassembling, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and cleaning.
  • Our expert furniture movers Melbourne team also provide high-quality cardboard boxes, various types of wraps, vacuum fixings, and tapes to guarantee you a safe exchange.
  • Melbourne Movers Packers give insurance coverage for furniture removals Melbourne. This is for our clients' benefit and their belongings' safety.

The above points are summarized to give you an idea or the assurance of why we are called the best furniture moving company in Melbourne. Melbourne Movers Packers will deal with everything for you, so leave all your worries to us and enjoy your furniture move.

List Of Furniture Items That Our Furniture Movers Shift

People coming to us from different backgrounds decide to move the furniture items of their house or professional workspace, and we give them equal attention and assistance for all. There are different furniture items present in the house and the commercial space, and this difference is basically because of the usage. For example, there is no use for a conference table at home, like there is no use for a kitchen countertop in an office.

So, to make it easier for you, we have enlisted the furniture items that our furniture removalists Melbourne generally shift from one place to another for our clients.

Household Furniture Removals

  • Sofas: Recliner sofas, sofa with a sectional division, couches, Chesterfield
  • Chairs: Study room chairs, armchairs, reading tables with attached chairs, and stools
  • Beds: Folding beds, platform beds, adjustable beds
  • Desks: Writing desks, corner desk, computer desk, roll-top desk
  • Tables: Dining table, make-up table, coffee table, center table, kitchen table, console table
  • Ottomans: Cocktail, square, oval, cube, rectangular
  • Stands: TV stand, hutch, metal, and wood

Commercial/Office Furniture Removals

  • Desk
  • Sofas
  • Chair: Boss and meeting chair
  • Cabinets for files and documents
  • Bookcases
  • Conference tables
  • Lightings
  • Wall paintings and Artifacts
  • Minibar

Above these are some general examples of items that can be easily moved from one place to another by our expert team of furniture movers Melbourne. All your possessions will be packed with the best quality packaging material and loaded safely for relocation.

Why Choose Our Furniture Removalists Melbourne Team?

Our state-of-the-art equipment, on-time service, innovative packaging, and personalized consultative approach are some of the primary reasons one should go for our furniture removals services in Melbourne. You have the surety from our side that no matter where you are moving to or from, Melbourne Movers Packers are the best furniture removalists Melbourne to professionally and successfully meet your desires.

Apart from these, look at some more reasons to hire our removalists in Melbourne:

1. One-Stop Solution For Furniture Removal And Storage

Compared to other moving companies in Australia, we provide a specialized facility for removals and storage of furniture and art pieces, especially for items made of glass or mirrors. They are more likely to get broken easily. Therefore, Melbourne Movers Packers will deal with this with full caution and attentiveness.

We have extended our storage facilities according to the needs of our customers, and all facilities are always available with the super protection of a damage-proof roof under the 24 hours surveillance. By accessing our furniture storage service from us, you will get satisfaction and peace of mind.

2. Affordable Furniture Removal Service Cost

We have designed our furniture removal services in a way where our clients need to pay a fair enough amount of price for the service they choose according to their needs and moving day requirements.

With our affordable prices, we have also maintained the standard in the furniture moving services in Melbourne, so you do not have to worry about whether we will give good service at such a low price or not. Our center of attention is on "Quality." This is the only point that we are still as committed to the success of your move, even at a low price.

3. Reputed Moving Company In Melbourne

Melbourne Movers Packers does not think about only making cash. For us moving is about making another satisfied customer who will recommend our furniture removalists to their friends and family. Being one of the most proficient furniture movers Melbourne, we work to give a great scope of professional furniture and other packing and moving services in the nation for clients' welfare.

Our furniture moving service in Melbourne is there to help you with each of those things with elaborated detail. Our process is very seamless and easy to get; you have to just sit and relax during the move while we will complete all your commands.

4. 24×7 Availability Of Customer Care Staff

Once you hire our furniture removals Melbourne team, there is a clear bond of communication where we will do all tasks alone, taking your permission. We provide 24×7 customer support services so that none of our customers have to go through any confusion. And to make the booking process easier for them, we have this policy of making all the paperwork from our side only.

5. Experienced And Trained Furniture Removalists

Our professional furniture removalists Melbourne have a minimum of 10 years of experience in dealing with small to large-scale furniture moves. So if you are considering shifting your furniture across the city or the state, we can easily take care of your move with our professionally trained furniture removals Melbourne team who give their level best.

Our furniture removalists Melbourne team will safely move your furniture and other belongings to the destination place when the whole thing gets packed. We frequently provide special training to keep all our staff fresh & up to date with the newest trend, skills, and safe handling of the customer's furniture. So whether your move is commercial, corporate, or moving your household furniture to the house next door, just call our furniture movers Melbourne team to assist you.

6. Insured Furniture Relocation

Our company focuses more on providing all protection to the customers and their belongings. We will give our best to make them safe, and even if anything happens to the goods from our side, then we have full-value insurance cover for it. We give affordable moving insurance on furniture removals Melbourne to make sure your things remain safe while in transit. Also, we keep on redesigning the benefits of insurance coverage to maintain the standards.

Our policy does not compare what gets broken or damaged, so whether you are packing delicate or costly objects, our furniture moving protection can give you a significant amount for any damage. Our furniture removalists in Melbourne guarantee that you will surely have a calming moving experience with us. To avoid any delays, call us now and get the cheapest and most reliable furniture moving services from Melbourne Movers Packers.

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FAQs On Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Ans. No, there is nothing like this at all. We do not charge any additional price associated with our furniture moving services in Melbourne. We give you a quote at the start of the move, and you will have to pay as per that one quote only, and this will be counted as your first and last payment to us. You can fill out the quote form or directly contact us through call or email to get free quotes for furniture removals in Melbourne.

Ans. Our company's access is available on every online platform. You can connect to us through our website Apart from that, we are also available in offline mode. You can call us on our toll-free number: 1800 865 005.

Ans. Melbourne Movers Packers have all types and sizes of vehicles like trucks and vans for furniture removals in Melbourne. We have small trucks, average trucks, and big tail lift trucks as well. You can choose any of them depending on your convenience and requirements. Our furniture removalists will recommend you the best truck based on how many goods you want to transport and the new location where you want to move in.

Ans. Absolutely yes. We help our clients in every way possible. That is why we offer good quality packaging supplies available at cheap rates in our stores. You can contact us any time to get premium packing supplies, and our furniture movers will deliver them to your location.

What Our Valuable Customers Say About Our Furniture Removals Services?

Excellent Furniture Removals Service in Melbourne. I feel confident in contacting Melbourne Movers Packers for furniture removals in the future if we move again. I feel that my furniture and other delicate stuff relocated safely in their hands. It was a professional move from start to finish. Thanks, Melbourne Movers Packers!

- Peter

Professional Furniture Removalists in Melbourne. MMP's furniture removalists did a fantastic job organizing, moving, unpacking, and installing our furniture and possessions. They were incredibly effective in delivering a first-rate service. Excellent to work with, and I wholeheartedly suggest them to anyone who needs assistance moving their possessions.

- Sam

I want to thank Melbourne Movers Packers for a great furniture move. Excellent, professional furniture removal service from Melbourne Movers Packers. Despite our fears about our bulky sofa set, and steep flight of stairs, the furniture was moved without the hassle and safely installed in our living room. Thanks to Melbourne Movers Packers for the great service.

- Dean Michael

Best Furniture Removal and Delivery Service in Melbourne. Fifty-one cartons of furniture were packed and were incredibly relocated safely by MMP's furniture removalists in Melbourne. The team was professional and kept in touch with me the entire time. And after the relocation, everything was quickly unpacked and organized at my store. Without a doubt, I advise using Melbourne Movers Packers for furniture removals.

- Kate

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